Discover the exciting world of pavers that can transform your outdoor living environment.

We deliver solutions for both new and existing homes, including paving for patios, verandahs and carports. We also provide retaining wall blocks in Old Noarlunga.

Examples of our innovative and superior paving products are on display in our Adelaide store. Visit us for the best pavers and expert industry advice.

Leading brands

We provide all of the leading paving brands in Old Noarlunga, Adelaide, including:

  • Adbri Masonry
  • Best Bricks and Pavers
  • PGH Paver
  • Best masonry
  • Coastal Pavers
  • Outback Sleepers
  • Titan Turf
  • Customstone SA
  • Littlehampton Pavers
  • Noarlunga Classique
  • Quantum Stone
  • Masion Design

We can give you expert advice on your next project, whether it be a new home or renovations.
Giving advice and designing, from the layout right through to the finished product to suit your budget and lifestyle. From concrete to clay, large to small, there’s something to suit everybody’s taste and budget. Noarlunga Paving Centre


ADBRI Masonry Pavers

From the front driveway to the backyard entertaining area, Adbri has a paver for every application. Their pavers are versatile and easy to install.

Most of their range is available in 40mm ( to walk on ) and 50mm ( to drive on ).

They are Australia leaders in this format of paving both with price and quality


Best Bricks and Pavers

Best Bricks and Pavers is a 100% SA owned business.

Offering a massive range of concrete pavers.

From a traditional range paver to their stunning range of large format pavers.

Bosting a huge colour range to cover everyones desires.


Customstone SA

Traditional range: The Traditional range is available as a Paver or Bullnose, in a variety of colours and with a slip-resistant finish.

Custom range: The Custom range is available as a Paver, Tile or in Bullnose form. Each is available in a variety of colours with either a smooth or textured finish.

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Colour Range: The colour range includes; Bluestone, Buff, Cocoa, Latte, Limestone, Malt, Mocha, Oatmeal and White Sands.

Pool Coping: The density of the product and the inclusion of a water repellent in the mix means that all the products are suitable for use in Coastal areas and around saltwater pools. Coping is available for many popular pools and we can make custom shapes for a new or exisiting pool.


Littlehampton Clay Pavers

Littlehampton clay pavers have been manufacturing clay pavers for over 100 years. Their pavers are fired in their traditional kilns to create a unique character and quality. Made with local clays the pavers are virtually age proof and totally recyclable.

Kilned at high temperatures to lock in the natural colours. Littlehamptons pavers are durable, low maintenance, salt resistant and non slip.


Masion Design

Featuring a rustic look, these hand made pavers are reminiscent of European village artisans: original in design, with a grainy texture that provides a non slip surface in wet areas, cool to walk on (even in the full sun), it can be chemically or high pressure cleaned and will improve with age.

Most stains like red wine are easily removed by bleach.


Coastal Pavers

Large Format Pavers, Slate Look Pavers, Driveway Pavers and Bullnose Steps

Coastal Pavers’ products are manufactured in South Australia and over ten years of expertise goes into making these hard wearing and versatile pavers. From this experience Coastal Pavers have developed an exclusive range of pavers utilising colours which are both popular and suitable to all areas of the Australian landscape.

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They now incorporate an additive into their products which assists areas exposed to wetting/drying or rising damp and salt water. This extends durability and resistance to degradation of cement pavers and protects from efflorescence.


Quantum Stone Pavers

Quantum Stone products are suitable for external or internal use, in either residential or commercial applications.

The range include large format pavers, pool coping and borders.


Euro Slate Pavers & Euro Classic Pavers

Euro Slate is a European inspired premium quality paver with a textured surface has the appearance of natural slate stone. Euro Slate pavers provide a touch of elegance to all outdoor areas.

Euro Classic offers a premium smooth, flat surface texture and is the perfect choice for creating your own courtyard, entertaining area, patio and stepping stone.


Euro-Stone Pavers

Euro-Stone This distinctive paver has an exposed aggregate surface to highlight the natural stones within.

Easy to install, it will add the professional, designer touch to your pool surrounds or courtyard.

The Euro Stone paver is available in 400x400x40mm and a 600x400x40mm.


Noarlunga Classique Pavers

Handmade sandstone coloured pavers & blocks

  • Pavers 460x460x40 with a 460x460x620x40 triangle to match
  • Blocks 500x340x200 250x340x200